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Julia Sabaté - live session at ESNS 2024

Julia Sabaté - live session at ESNS 2024

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Julia Sabaté - DALIA (Music Video)

Julia Sabaté - DALIA (Music Video)

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Julia Sabaté - Es Como Es (Live Clip)

Julia Sabaté - Es Como Es (Live Clip)

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Julia Sabaté - J*der, te quiero (Music Video)

Julia Sabaté - J*der, te quiero (Music Video)

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With only two releases to her name, the Spanish-Dutch artist Julia Sabaté already performed on stages in Madrid and Bilbao, as well as AFAS Live, Melkweg, and TivoliVredenburg. During Eurosonic Noorderslag 2024, she performed a show every day, leaving a significant impact with her melodic pop songs influenced by alternative electronic music. Her lyrics are deeply personal, reflecting on her experiences and growth, which haven't always been smooth. You can feel the pain and doubt, but Julia transforms them into an energy that spreads and gets everyone dancing.


Every year, Julia Sabaté travels twice to Barcelona to visit her family. Classical music plays a crucial role in her household, and at a young age, Julia was recognized as a talented violinist. A world of possibilities laid before her, but her attention was drawn to a pop venue on her aunt's street. She dreamed about what it would look like inside and how it would feel to stand on that stage and perform for a full audience. Two days before the end of 2023, that dream came true, and Julia Sabaté stood before an euphoric crowd at Sala Apolo in Barcelona. Meanwhile, her music gained recognition in Spain, and was featured in Spotify playlists like Fresh Finds España and EQUAL España. In 2024, she returns to Madrid for a performance at the Mad Cool Festival.


It's a dream but also a struggle. Growing up with two cultures has its advantages, but sometimes it leads to confusion. Who are you, how do you identify yourself, and which values align with you as an individual? Spanish passion versus Dutch realism, listening to your parents or boldly choosing your own path? Eventually, the balance comes naturally, and Julia can best express her thoughts in the Spanish language, supported by pop songs with dynamic melodies and lively guitars, drums, and beats. The stage is her home, anywhere in the world. There, she sings, dances, and pours her soul into the songs, supported by the two musicians who write and produce the songs with her.

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